What you will learn with this eBook

  • How to create an attractive and engaging employer brand?

  • What are the steps of an employer brand development project?

  • How to create a compelling Employee Value Proposition?

  • When to launch internal and outer communication?

  • How to measure the success of an employer brand?

  • How do you maintain continuity?

Ali Ayaz offers an engaging e-book on authentic employer brand.
David Zinger
David Zinger
Founder of The Employee Engagement Network
What I find amazing is his thorough expertise in employer brand management and his strategic approach. His book "Secret formulas for an authentic employer brand" is both very useful, practical and revolutionary in this field.
Ralitsa Gencheva
Ralitsa Gencheva
Project Manager, To The Top
A must-read book for both employers and employees. Ali wrote the book with a practical approach. If you are wondering what is employer branf and how it is managed, just download the book.
Pinar Akkaya
Pinar Akkaya
Founder & Consultant, Signature Consulting

About the Author

Ali Ayaz, who introduced Turkey to the concept of employer brand, completed his MBA degree specializing in marketing and brand management at the European School of Economics after working as a marketing specialist and regional sales and marketing manager in the Middle and Fareast respectively following his university education.

In addition to serving as international marketing director at the ESE International in Italy, he also taught courses on “Principles of marketing” and “Integrated marketing communications” at the Roma, Milano, and Lucca campuses of the European School of Economics. He moved Realta Consulting Company, which he founded in Italy in 2003, to Istanbul in 2007 and since then he has served as an employer brand and management consultant, conducting candidate and employee research. He opened the Realta Consulting England office in January 2017 and is providing the same services also at this location. The results of the Graduate Survey, which he developed, have been published in Bloomberg Businessweek magazine in March every year since 2009. Among his clients are domestic and multinational fast consumption, automotive, retail, banking, insurance, and telecom companies. He appears in global conferences as a keynote.

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